Metodo Classico
Extra Brut "100 Mesi" 

We are very glad to introduce you our Spumante Metodo Classico, made from Nebbiolo grape.


The Nebbiolo grapes destined to Spumante are harvested in middle September. Those grapes are left in a special local with temperature and humidity control in order to rest and reach the best maturation.

The Nebbiolo grapes are vinified as a white wine. Only the best part of must is used, the so-called “Mosto fiore”. The fermentation of “Mosto fiore” occurs with the indigenous yeasts part in stainless still tanks and part in wood. The Spumante Metodo classico ages in cellar at controlled temperature on its indigenous yeast for about 36 months. During this period the “coupe de poignée” is made by hand. After the degourgement is made and the date is written on the back label.

Our Metodo classico is a Spumante of great freshness, finesse and elegance.

The bubbles are very fine and persistent, notes of mature fruit, apricot, strawberry, apple take shape in the glass. This is our Parusso Spumante Metodo Classico, an unique wine made following and rediscovery old techniques.



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