Love, attachment and a deep sense of belonging to our territory, are propulsive push to mix work and a pinch of art in the maximum respect of the nature that surrounds us, to which we will always be grateful.

First of all, we are a family of farmers, and the respect of territory and nature is fundamental for us in order to build a perfect symbiosis with the earth. Besides the traditional techniques, we have developed the micro-zoning technique of soils based on the personalization of different plots, and the utilization of specific fertilizations, and pruning methods, depending on the kind of soil where the vineyard is located.

Furthermore, we employ high quality humus and special microorganisms to give to the soil the maximum quantity of nutritive elements and oxygen to make it rich, healthy and aerated. Among the rows we keep the natural grass growing in order to develop a deep radical system helping the plants becoming healthy, resistant to disease and stable.

The purpose of our work is to ensure the longest natural life cycle to the plant in order to obtain highest and most balanced grapes.

The harvest is carefully done by hand. We wait for the right maturation of the grapes, and taste them in order to evaluate the right level of ripeness. This is essential to develop our wine making style in the cellar.

The harvest, carefully by hand


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